O N E    O F    A   K I N D   J U S T   L I K E   Y O U " 
Captivating glass bead accessories & jewelry

About Me

Maria Aroche, is a 2007 graduate of the Bead Project at Urban Glass Studio, Brooklyn NY. The basic techniques she learned enabled her to explore what she is most passionate about; experimenting with colors and glass to create one of a kind decorative glass art. The Bead Project has made enormous changes in her life and she has been invited to participate in several private and public events, teaching in both English and in Spanish, throughout New York City, demonstrating the art of glass bead making. She is a recipient of the 2013 NewYork Hall of Science Maker Fair Red Ribbon Education Award and completed an internship at Corning Museum of Glass in 2014. 

She continues to explore ancient glass bead making techniques and up cycling of glass bottles to create new and exciting pieces.


Feel free to contact at [email protected]