O N E    O F    A   K I N D   J U S T   L I K E   Y O U " 
Captivating glass bead accessories & jewelry

2015 Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, New York City.

Flame work at 13th street during Urban Glass Renovations

(Picture taken by : Debbie Chow 2013)

December 2014 Decorative Pens.

Dichroic glass beads.

Urban Glass Fundraiser (250 Beads)

Some of my recent bead creations.

Sterling silver on amber with light green, light blue twist and dots. MH

        Private Lesson Lee and Maya

             Assorted bubblegum/cocoon glass pieces made with Schott glass for MG.

Filigrana Cobalt Blue rod with Swarovski Elements. Sterling silver findings, Stainless Steel/ Nylon coating wire, 16 inch necklace, for JH.

Amethyst angel groove glass beads earrings, with Sterling Silver findings and Swarowski elements, for PR.

Variable "conch and cocoon like" shapes and sizes made with Moretti glass for MG.

12 Assorted glass beads on a leather cord, fund raiser for MP.